Your First Million Week

Are You Ready?

It’s Time To Shine!

People of the world, it’s time to step into one of the greatest arenas to be developed so you can put your magic on display.

Your First Million Live is the brainchild of our professional North Star, Arlan Hamilton. She has created a space for learning, not just the information that has helped her become successful but also about one another.

How do we add value to another so we can, over time, become that community of millionaires that reaches back and molds the next batch? We’ll let’s go and find out.

But first! Let’s review the Conference Checklist.

Also, we were lucky enough to catch Arlan when she came to Philly on her book tour to ask her about this new intention to help create 1,000 millionaires in a new concept called “The Science Of Invention.”

If you haven’t given it a look already, you should!

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