First Winner Cohort!

I'm not crying. You are.

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Big Win University!

I’m speaking it into existence, y’all. The Inquisitive Oustider will become a physical school of Research, Perspective, and Performance. Nice and big ole campus, where the uniform is a positive outlook instead of a wardrobe stripping you of your individuality.

You’ll be tasked with learning about the similarities and differences between your community members so you can properly understand how to add consistent value.

We’ll all be labeled winners just by waking up each day and trying our hardest.

Speaking of winners, here are four to celebrate! There were six in total, but one wasn’t ready to share their story yet, and another is coming shortly, so I’ll update this post with theirs.

We still cheer them regardless!

This is extremely exciting, and I'm the happiest I’ve ever been because I’m telling stories about those who really need and appreciate the support.

And now, it’s…

Naomi Hattaway

Phil Neumann

Garry Johnson III

Kim Holmes

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Next Batch Of Winners!

This is starting to feel like The Price Is Right, lol. Come on down:







I’ll send you all an email directly with a typeform to fill out for your project, and I look forward to highlighting your focus!

Winner Process Reminder

  1. Since chosen, your video will live on TIO via its own landing page for three weeks before you can get the master copy to help us get the initial traffic.

    1. This is the form of payment we chose to allow us to offer these videos for a fee.

  2. If you don’t want to wait, upgrade to Gifter for $120 and receive the video immediately.

  3. If you opt-in to the Payout Model by keeping your video on TIO moving forward, we’ll pay you $10 for every new subscriber to TIO via the button on your page.

Thank You To Thomas!

Thanks to my homie Thomas donating $100 to the mission; literally, while I was writing this post, we as a channel have now grossed $1,000 from support!

We’ve hit our first milestone, and it’s literally sending me to the moon. Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far, and big thanks to Thomas for pushing us over the first hump.

Cheers to many more milestones!

In Conclusion

I thank you for your continued viewership and hope you share this post with members of your network who are looking for inspiration to support others or a reason to start themselves.

The more subscribers we gain, the faster I can support even more winners at a time by giving more deserving creators a stage, and I hope those who opted into the Payout Model use this as a tool for growth.

I’m looking forward to telling the next batch of stories.

For inspirational purposes only!

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