Subscriber Appreciation Model Explained!

The personal, and professional reasons.

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The Method To The Madness

TL;DR on our Appreciation Model

  1. Paying $24 a year goes towards our channel operations.

  2. By supporting, you're entered into a bi-weekly opportunity to win a video about anything you want.

  3. I love you all.

Also, here’s a short video explaining it—1:53 Runtime.

Now, I’d like to discuss some more personal reasons why I’m doing this, explaining how much an initiative like this is needed in my life right now. I'd also like to explain a new payout concept for video winners.

As it is for paid subscribers, we'll break here, but for the free crowd, you are appreciated, and hopefully, one day, you can contribute and get some of these extra gains.

Until then, please keep sharing and spreading love and support to others you value in your life!

Or if you’d like to donate in general, don’t fight the feeling.

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