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Meet Outseta & Matt Espinoza

Meet Outseta & Matt Espinoza

We have another double feature, and luckily for you, email subscribers, you get them both at the same time. Catch up social media people!

Both of these discoveries literally happened last week while I was doom-scrolling Twitter, as I periodically do when I should be working.

Praise my honesty, please.

So, I give you my findings for the week without further ado!


Outseta is all-in-one Membership Software. Stripe payments, authentication, CRM, email—it's all here. Outseta gives founders the tools to monetize their website, SaaS product, or online community in minutes.

What really caught my attention, though, was the compensation model, which I discussed in the video. You can get the full read here.

Maybe it’s something worth testing at your organization.

Matt Espinoza

Since getting into tech a few years ago, my God, am I constantly impressed with the abilities of these young people. I can't think of anything of impact I was doing in my twenties, lol.

Matt is another, and I am pretty amazed by what he has accomplished already while transitioning into the founder of a Holding company.

You can learn more about him here.

And maybe you can be one of the final pieces that helps take him and his crew to the next level!

Until next time!

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