Discover LAGC

The new face of golf.

There's Golf, and then there’s LAGC

No, fellow outsiders, this is the real fun.

First. What is TGL?

Have you heard of the craziness that is TGL?


Let’s get you acquainted with this awesomeness.

Learn more here.

Second. What is LAGC?

LAGC is the team we’re rooting for, backed by, and filled with all the star players and venture folk we've already been rooting for.

That is my queue to start explaining.

Lear more here.

I hope this explanation has created a fire of excitement inside of you to the point where those nine iron purchases are already in, and you’re ready to sit, watch, cheer, and hit some balls during commercial breaks.

That's what I’m doing!

Or maybe I’ll be there producing ads for them! Alexis, call me!

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