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Best Use Cases

My goal is to help you better communicate with your audience and ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some of the better ways we can achieve that.

Highlight Partner Connections

Did you land a big-name partner? Let us help you say why this is an amazing partnership.

Are a webinar, networking event, happy hour, etc., coming up? Whos involved? Tell us about the event and give us the partners’ names. This creates a batch admiration bomb.

Always identify and tag people at the company that are fire starters. Not everyone frequents social media, so find the ones that do, usually a good two to three names, because they’ll alert/remind everyone that it’s live, and the platform usually follows not too long after.

Highlight Users

No one will tell your customer journey in a more genuine way than a customer, so identify those with a good social reach and let’s highlight them so they have the fuel to tell their community about you. And since it's a commercial, we fuel their community of supporters to engage.

Also, more than likely, this is the best piece of media they have, so expect recurring usage from them. Your awareness bubble has increased and will continue to until they need to update the message.

You can also use this to target people you would like to be users.

This video led to a 6 figure salary at Wefunder. I wanted them as a client, and they ended up wanting me FT. It worked out for everyone. So, it's not about many views but one targeted landing.

Worst-case scenario, they appreciate it and share it with their audience. In a mild case scenario, they or someone in their community becomes a customer or partner. In the best-case scenario, they and others from their community become customers and partners. You’re hacking the earned trust your user has in their community.

More people can relate to a user than a big-time influencer.

We’ve driven the leads; closing is up to you. We’re like expert sign spinners. Make sure to focus on one CTA, though, or a fluid landing page so you can control your funnel and better understand the value we’re providing.

Content You Should Develop To Pair With Ours

Static Prompts

This is a great way to talk about many people at scale.

Animated Collage

Take a customer or a partner journey story and have them send you images or find some. Add a nice voice you can record with a Lavalier mic for your phone, your recorder app, and an artist on Fivver. Here’s my guy. Don’t forget to use my referral link.

Example: Meet Brianna


With loaded questions, you can create a controlled testimonial. Focus on user experience and rope in questions like:

  • What's that one go-to feature you can’t wait for others to experience?

  • What's an example of a pain point that’s been neutralized, and how have you progressed since?

Send the questions to your subject and have them record audio or video clips on their phone or computer to send in. Post as is with the question as the caption, or spruce it up and add music with a CTA ending title.


Some questions you get from users about the platform make for good content. So turn the camera on, read the question, and then give your answer. And have a diverse group of people do it, from the founder to an intern. It showcases your listening and humanizes the brand. You can even make a submission request in your newsletter to get your users engaged early.

In Conclusion

I have written enough and am ready to speak for you. Remember, the more you support, the more we can create this Opportunity Pipeline for others.

Let’s get to work!

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