Employee Data Over Lunch

Kezo & Employee Cycle

Employee Data Over Lunch

Nothing brings me more joy than combining two companies that seem to have absolutely nothing in common. That’s because, for me, it isn’t about the sector as much as it is about helping dope founders accomplish their goal of creating a fantastic startup that will serve many at scale.

So today, we’re going from real food to real data!


Kezo is the realest app in the world, with real people taking real pictures of real food. No more catfish images unless you really want to buy catfish! They're in the early stages of their journey, so let's find all the ways to support them to the top!

Learn more about Kezo here.

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Employee Cycle

Employee Cycle is the #1 plug-and-play HR Analytics Hub that transforms HR data into eye-catching insights in under 15 minutes with customizable dashboards.

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