Clssc One-Off

For Those Just Starting

For Those Just Starting

Media campaigns can feel a little expensive right now, so we thought, how can we help? What would be a great gift?

Maybe a one-off?

A Clssc One-Off!

That’s No Problem At All

For $2,750, we’ll whip you up a simple, cool collage video as a starter like this.

Or a lighter production-quality piece like this.

Last year, I got the chance to help out founder Francisco Sanchez of Kezo with this video because he wanted to pair it with his pitch deck. Today, I learned it helped them raise $260k!

Here’s his testimonial. And remember, I’m not saying the video did the whole job; I’m saying it helped make pitching easier. Francisco still had to go in and super-deliver.

So, if you want to start small, no problem! Just hit the link to purchase your one-off, and then we’ll send you a Typeform to collect the video information.

Turnaround time is a minimum of three weeks, depending on current demand. From everyone we’ve encountered, though, that’s still extremely fast. And if you want to talk about a more in-depth campaign filled with short films, series, interviews, or anything else you can think of, we can discuss that also.

See you soon!

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