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Hacking Growth: The Buddy Strategy

Transforming customer engagement through appreciation and a Focus Funnel. Let’s merge that traffic.


Objective: The goal is to jumpstart your social channels at a lower cost by incentivizing your influencer-level customers to prop you up and focus the traffic.

Key Insight: We aim to understand and control the customer journey, focusing on a singular goal.

Analogy: It’s like the old movie trope. A popular jock befriends a nerd because he’s failing and needs help to pass the test so he can play football. The nerd is willing to help if the jock shows him how to be popular. Trade-off!

Your startup is the nerd with the resource, and the customer is the jock with the audience. Now, where are we sending the audience once you acquire it?

The Focus Funnel Explained

Definition: The focus funnel simplifies the customer journey to a single metric: booking a call and optimizing our engagement strategy.

Importance: This approach zeroes in on what truly matters, eliminating distractions and pinpointing our efforts on conversion.

By focusing on one conversion, we can better track your flow and open up the CTA highway lanes later after understanding it.

Strategic Partnership Model (The Buddy Strategy)

Strategy: Partner with a customer you have identified as an ideal partner and purchase two Clss PT Content Intern subscriptions ($5,000 for two Subscriptions) for two months ($10,000 total), ensuring broad reach within your desired market and enough time to gauge the flow properly. Either you buy them both, or you split the cost.

Selection Criteria: 

  • They are a good case study.

    • They have used the product or service we want to emphasize and have established a documented and worth-promoting gain.

  • They have 2,000-10,000+ followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • They post frequently and engage commenters.

That’s your ranking order.

Mutual Benefits of Content Collaboration

Customer Content Creation: The customer will suggest engaging topics about them, their customers, or their partners, enhancing authenticity and enthusiasm in promotion.

Platform Promotion: In exchange for quality content, your company gains a series of promotions from a trusted source, significantly boosting awareness.

Conversion Strategy

Landing Page Focus: The landing page will be titled "Classic Sent Me," featuring a highlight video for your company emphasizing the product or service we want them to know the most, a link to a case study on the customer that sent them in relation to that product or service, a unique-to-us Calendly link to track conversions, and a link to your main site.

This landing page lives on your site, or we can spring one up for you and deliver monthly reports to pair with your report on calls booked.

Social Sharing: You both post the videos on your timeline, but you own the CTA since you paid for the Buddy System. All posts must end with “Sponsored by (insert your company). Hit the link to learn how you can (insert action and gain).

That link is the landing page. You also make it the profile link across all of your socials.

Social Sharing Variation: If you and the customer split the subscription bill, you both post the videos on your timeline and tag each other with the other’s preferred CTA. Fair practice.

Feed Effect: After a while, your feed becomes nothing but customer highlights, and their feed drives people back to yours so they can see that, enticing them to click the profile link.

Tracking and Metrics

The Standard Growth Benchmarks Are:

We can hit this.

Analytics: We leverage Hootsuite for comprehensive tracking of mentions, follower growth, and engagement metrics, correlating landing page and Calendly clicks with marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs).

Budget Allocation and Goals

Investment Breakdown Example: Your 2-month trial investment is $10,000, targeting equivalent potential in SQL for your “$100 full concierge plan.” Which would be 100 calls and closes.

Two months are necessary because the first taps the vein, and the second establishes a pulse.

Success Metrics: 10% of 100 booked calls (10 booked calls) would be our conversion goal to validate customer interest and establish initial rapport. Our focus is getting them to the door, and you have to get them to come in.

Scaling the Strategy

If the results are ideal for you, the process is worth continuing.

Growth Potential: We extend to as many companies as your marketing budget allows, focusing on those with the most engaging audiences.

Content and Engagement: With a bigger Buddy System pool, we can identify who is driving the most traffic and invest in additional content and experiences, like interviews and events, to deepen engagement and amplify your presence with their audience more.

But you’re not guessing anymore.

Long-term Vision

Strategic Growth: Now you've brought your way into multiple social channels and have a handle on your growth tracking via a Focus Funnel that can expand into more CTAs.

Showcasing Success: Now imagine a future, vibrant social feed filled with customer success stories, making you a magnet for potential clients.

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Instead of failing fast, let’s win long.

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