Can We Build An Army Together?

But like a positive one. For $24 a year.

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An Army Of Good For $24 A Year


Support Classic and his quirky news channel, telling stories about its subscribers for only $24 a year.

As a subscriber, you can win a video about any subject you want covered!

If anyone knows me, they know I want to create the most entertaining educational content in the world and grow it into an adult version of Daytime & Nighttime PBS. I've been growing uniquely by being targeted and hacking growth with Partner Appreciation Content, judging my success on the quality of the people I get to engage me and spread my name even further.

I believe that if I continue to show and prove, and build trusting relationships, the doors to resources I can leverage to grow even more will continue to open.

New Model: Supporters First

This sounds weird, but traditionally, we sign up for a news outlet to get their perspective on trending topics. Unfortunately, most of it skews negatively to build and monetize on the reactionary divide it creates. That’s considered good business, I guess.

I just want to tell good stories about good people doing good things, and I hope this will do some good for my audience.


So, let’s treat this as a local newspaper that wants to highlight the thriving nature of its community. Let me be your Levar Burton or Mr. Rodgers and talk about you. Let’s rename this a Subscriber Appreciation channel. We accomplish this by:

Building An Army Of Supporters

Here’s a concept: What if everyone who supports me on my mission of supporting others puts $24 into the pot each year to contribute?

You’re probably thinking, “How does that little bit help? That’s nothing!”

Well, if you’ve been around me enough, you probably at some point have heard me say, “You can get a million dollars from one person or a dollar from a million people. Both put you in the same place, but one is much more valuable because of the added social capital.”

That was always my motto because, back to the PBS mention, the phrase, “Made possible by viewers like you.” has stuck with me since I was a child.

In this case, technically, we’re taking $2 a month. It adds up, though.

How Does This Work?

If I have positively impacted your life in some way, shape, or form, and you want to be one of the many reasons I can continue giving that same energy to more people, please grab a Supporter subscription and share this page with people you think would find value.

Sit back, support a good cause with your couch cushion change, and maybe you’ll wake up one day to the greatest series of compliments you’ve ever received in your life.


Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that. Your contribution is also the equivalent of a Media Lottery Ticket. That’s where “It's a quirky news channel telling stories about its subscribers.” comes into play. I want to research and tell the stories of my supporters, so we’ll randomly pick six subscribers to win a video every two weeks. This can be used for:

  • A Brand video.

  • Customer or Partner highlight.

  • Case Study.

  • Tutorial.

  • Any topic you just happened to have discovered and want our perspective on.

  • Gift it to someone.

  • Or whatever. The choice is yours.

As a side note, we also have the right not to tell a story if it doesnt align with our core values or promote positive outcomes diversely and inclusively. There are many places where you can consume negative distractions, no disrespect to them, get your paper playa, but we hope you respect our stance and appreciate all who do. 

Vids In The Mail

This contribution is a no-brainer because it has so much upside. On the one hand, you’ve supported an amazing cause for a year for only $24, and on the other, you could randomly end up with a video you might really need that’s currently worth $3,000.

It gets better because expediting is still a bargain bin opportunity.

Now, how do you get your video? First, it will live on our channel for three weeks, and then you’ll receive it by email. If you’d like to expedite the process, though, you can:

  1. Refer and get five people to subscribe to an annual Supporter subscription.

  2. Upgrade to a Gifter subscription for $120 to receive the video immediately upon completion.

    1. You can also send us five emails, and we’ll gift them a free annual Supporter subscription. This goes for every year you have the subscription. Go you!

Come on, though, it’s a steal either way. But if you want to up the production value and make some fancy-pants media, there’s always the Project Form and these Examples of our high-level appreciation and praise.


From now on, if you want my content, you must subscribe or, hopefully, follow someone on social media who has received a video. There’s too much chance in the latter, though. I’d go for the sure thing.

Sidenote: If/when you go to post a video you received from us, please tag us and leave a glowing review about our research; the more people who understand the good we provide, the more they’ll want to support us. As we grow, we’ll also create more randomized opportunities like high-level production access, project royalties, etc.

So help support our little local news channel, and remember: the world is our local, and you’re the biggest part of it.

For inspirational purposes only!

Ps. You can also donate more if the spirit consumes you.

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